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Paris deviantMEET Part 2 by BrotherlyFluff Paris deviantMEET Part 2 by BrotherlyFluff
:iconofficialfella1plz: I went to my first deviantMEET on June 9, 2012 and I met a ton of dA admins and dA members~! :iconlachoirplz: It was at the Mécano Bar at 99 rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris, France and there were over 250 deviantART members who showed up! I took 201 pictures of the event and it was really cool to meet the dA CEO and founder, Angelo Sotira (+spyed)! :D I also got to meet Bart (^namenotrequired), who's a really nice admin. :aww: He usually helps people with tutorials and by answering questions in the help chatroom at [link] . :) The admin, Simon ($pachunka), is hilarious! xD :giggle: In addition, I got free dA merchandise, including stickers (some from [link] ), emoticon buttons, a lanyard, the blue emoticon stress ball from the series 2 set, and a Fella plushie! :D I even got +spyed to autograph my Fella plushie! :dummy: The only other person that I saw who took a ton of pictures like I did was =alahay! xD It was a great dAy! Lol get it? :giggle: There's the word dA in day! :D

The following admins showed up to this deviantMEET:

:iconspyed: :iconheidi: :iconmccann: :icondanlev: :iconayame-kenoshi: :iconmattdanna: :iconkouiskas: :iconknightar: :iconinazar: :iconallixsenos: :iconyury-n: :iconartbit: :icondrommk: :iconxraystyle: :iconpachunka: :icononlythegoodnotes: :iconmicahgoulart: :icondevlant: :iconrush: :iconnodren: :iconhal2008: :iconlightningmonkey:

This is Part 2~ :) Part 1 is at [link] ! :D The following admins are pictured in Part 1 and Part 2:

:fella: Angelo Sotira (+spyed): CEO and founder of deviantART
:fella: Dan Leveille ($danlev, formerly $Dan14Lev): Marketing admin
:fella: Matt Danna ($mattdanna, formerly $eStunt): Marketing admin
:fella: Micah Goulart ($micahgoulart): DT (Devious Technology) admin
:fella: Toby ($Ayame-Kenoshi): Community and marketing admin
:fella: Heidi ($Heidi): Marketing admin
:fella: Andrew ($mccann): DT (Devious Technology) admin
:fella: Luka Kladaric ($allixsenos): DT (Devious Technology) admin
:fella: Ben ($Nodren): DT (Devious Technology) admin
:fella: Brandon ($KnightAR): DT (Devious Technology) admin
:fella: Simon ($pachunka): Product admin
:fella: Bart (^namenotrequired): Community volunteer
:fella: $rush DT (Devious Technology) admin
:fella: Hunter Luthi ($HAL2008): Marketing admin

If an admin is not pictured, it means I did not see him/her. :( They include $kouiskas, $inazar, $yury-n, #ArtBIT, $drommk, $xraystyle, $OnlyTheGoodNotes, and $lightningmonkey. Also, I actually did see $DEVlANT, but he's not pictured because I was busy putting on my dA nametag and getting free dA goodies at that moment. After that, I didn't see him again. :c There were a lot of people, which is why I didn't meet every admin there.

Here are links with additional info:

:fella: Full list of all the dA admins with the $ symbol [link]
:fella: $Heidi's announcement about this deviantMEET [link]
:fella: $Ayame-Kenoshi's wrap-up on this deviantMEET [link]

There are several deviantMEETs per year and most take place in the USA. If you want to know when the next deviantMEETs will be and/or are interested in the latest dA news, go add #hq to your watch list! :)

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StarFlucks Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012  Student Digital Artist
This is EPIC~!!!!! :iconranaplz:!!!!
BrotherlyFluff Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
Thank you, dear~!!! :iconlachoirplz: xDDD
In-Harms-Way Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2012
Are they all different users on DA?
BrotherlyFluff Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
A lot of people who attended the deviantMEET were admins and members of deviantART~ :3
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