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About Deviant Artist Nadège 婷婷France Groups :iconyu-gi-oh-rpda: Yu-Gi-Oh-RPdA
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Yuugiou) RP group~!
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BrotherlyFluff has started a donation pool!
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:star: I'm collecting points to make my group into a super group and to give prizes during fun events~ :)

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Guess what, everyone~!  HelenaLevi and Astralstonekeeper are collaborating together to do commissions! :D If you're interested, you only pay one price!

The artwork provided will be a combination of efforts between actuallordganondorf (HelenaLevi) and actualthiefblind (Astralstonekeeper).  Helena draws, and Astral colors.  You only pay one price.  Depending on the complexity of what you want drawn, the price ranges are:

:bulletgreen: $10-14 for a single headshot (+5 for each additional character)
:bulletgreen: $20-30 for a single fullbody (+10 for each additional character)

They won't do porn or hate art, and while they'll probably do mostly anything else, they have the right to refuse any commission for whatever reason.  For more examples of their art, you can see their art blogs at helenadorf and unacceptablepotatoes.  You can contact them about commissioning them at either actuallordganondorf (HelenaLevi) or actualthiefblind (Astralstonekeeper).  Their Paypal e-mails are and

Here are some examples of how great they are together:

Collab: Waltz of Weapons by AstralstonekeeperMonster Lesbians by Astralstonekeeper-Helmasaur King- by AstralstonekeeperWhat a freakish creature by Astralstonekeeper-Emerald Dancer- by AstralstonekeeperJasper Collab by AstralstonekeeperPeridot Collab by Astralstonekeeper

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HelenaLevi is also doing solo commissions by herself! :)

Helena's work starts at $10 in Canadian money.  You can have her draw anything you want within reason!  She'll do fan art, original art, humans, furries, robots, some combination of the above, you name it!  Of course, she can refuse a commission for any reason, and she won't do porn.

Finished work starts at $35, +5 per extra character and +10 if you want a proper background.  Prices for things like palettes are negotiable; but things like comics may cost you a little more.

You can message her at her PayPal e-mail at, at Tumblr at actuallordganondorf, or on deviantART at HelenaLevi.

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Nadège 婷婷
I have 390 accounts and 4 groups at deviantART! =p You can find me at:

:iconbrotherlyfluff: My main account~

:iconyu-gi-oh-rpda: My Yu-Gi-Oh! RP group~:iconyamiyugilaplz:

:iconthe-tenma-twins: My Tenma Twins group~:iconsnuzzleglompplz:

:iconmokie-lovers: My Mokuba Kaiba group~ :cuddle:

:iconcavaliershipping-fc: The Cavaliershipping group~:iconinluvplz:

:iconyu-gi-ohplzicons::iconpokemonplzicons: My two informational accounts for Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokémon plz accounts :)

:iconyu-gi-ohrp-da: The donation pool of my Yu-Gi-Oh! RP group. :points:

:iconjounouchi--katsuya: My six RP accounts~! :heart: One of them is Jounouchi--Katsuya, but I won't mention the others because I'll let people guess! :dummy: You get a cookie if you can find them~ :D Cookie for You by Mirz123 Four of them are active, but YamiYuugi-Atemu is no longer active because I let my good friend, Katerina, have him. I was Yami for four years from February 5, 2010 to July 24, 2014. I had Dinosaur-Ryuuzaki from March 18, 2011 to October 9, 2015.

:iconkirbyishappy2plz: I've also made 380 plz accounts, including:
:bulletblue: My Yu-Gi-Oh! Plz Accounts Part One
:bulletblue: My Yu-Gi-Oh! Plz Accounts Part Two
:bulletblue: My non-Yu-Gi-Oh! Plz Accounts


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((I have no idea where to contact you but eh, I guess this will work.
I'm sorry to say I have to cancel my participation (how do I English) in the :iconyu-gi-oh-rpda: anonymous letters event. My phone has somehow managed to delete all my unread notes, and I can't send notes either, so I just won't be able to do anything in the event - I can't see what others dared me to do and I can't send dares either. I just tried writing a journal but that doesn't work either so this is the only way I can let people know. Stupid iPhone 4 is a pain in the butt sometimes. Oh well.))
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Second, I see it's that time of year again, where I should post and extremely extravagant message for your birthday.  I'm sorry about a lack of correspondence in the past months (I tried to sum it up in the current journal) but life has kept me busy and I'm not sure if I can really outdo past years...but I will try to put together a nice message. ^^

Happy Birthday! “:iconbrotherlyfluff:

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